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### For release the week of March 11 ###

Music producer Echo Lair releases socially-critical Hip-Hop/Rap single “Ain’t Givin’ In” on March 11, 2019

 Producer: Echo Lair - New Single: “Ain't Givin' In” - Release Date: March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019 (Germany) With his first Hip-Hop / Rap release “Ain’t Givin’ In”, Echo Lair comes as sophisticated and conscious as ever. He illuminates the track with an uptempo boom-bap beat, intertwined with electronic and melodic jazz elements. “Ain’t Givin’ In” is an epic, multi-layered dive into Hip-Hop and Electronic, with inspiring social commentary at its helm. It is glittered with anecdotes that provide hope amidst a chaotic world and political climate.

 Echo Lair draws on almost forty years of musical training and experience, delivering ultimately a work of sonic perfection, which undeniably compliments the message it carries. “We ain’t givin’ in!” rings like a mantra throughout the chorus, buoyant atop the fast-paced production that drives it; and as each second glides by, Echo Lair’s purpose for the release becomes all the more solidified. As much as you may feel enlightened by the lyrics, you will feel equally motivated and empowered. The record from this German powerhouse is a breath of fresh air from today’s modern rap and pop music and will leave you inspired to make a difference.





Echo Lair is a music producer from Germany, known for blending multiple genres and styles throughout his uplifting and energetic music. From an early age, Echo Lair gravitated towards music by training in classical violin and piano. As he grew older, he began discovering early electronic sounds and grew a curiosity and fascination towards utilizing technology as a creative musical outlet. Echo Lair released music in his 20s, including a Drum & Bass album titled Boost Your Drive. Soon after this release, he put his music on hold while he shifted his priorities, and it wasn’t until later in his 40s when he began releasing music again as the Echo Lair. Echo Lair represents music with a message, emanating good vibes, positivity, and change.


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