Echolair transforms music samples into countless unique variations, empowering music creators to break the constraints of their sound libraries and discover endless inspiration.

Creative Inspiration

Music creators can constantly ignite their inspiration by exploring new sounds and instruments.

Time Efficiency

By saving valuable time and effort, music creators can free up more space to focus on the essence of their artistic vision.

Professional Sound

Echolair offers high-quality sound by licensing datasets from professional sample catalog owners.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify and innovate the process of sound alteration, igniting inspiration in every music creator and cultivate their unique identity across all media platforms.

In addition, we strive to provide a comprehensive solution for all sound-related needs, such as library management and automatic tagging and search. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the sound production industry by providing a streamlined personalised workflow that allows creators to focus on what they do best - making music.

Our Team

Jay Anand

Co-founder & CEO

Saisamarth Rajesh Phaye

Co-founder & CTO

Mahshid Alinoori

Co-founder & CIO


We are proud to be backed by the TSOAI Accelerator, led by Valerio Velardo.

Additionally, we are supported by AWS Activate with $25,000 worth of credits for pre-seed startups.

Meet Echolair